There is no doubt that UFOs are here to stay. Especially when UFO sighting reports have been on the increase. Yet there are those out there who choose to muddy the waters with by submitting reports whose only purpose is the intention of disseminating disinformation. The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, was originally founded to devote investigators throughout the United States, and now the world, to help unravel the UFO enigma and set the record straight  regarding the prospects that we may have actually had extraterrestrial visitors from realms unknown. . MUFON throughout the years has worked diligently to improve the data collection process, train workers in the field, and improve the credibility of documented evidence. Going from a handful of volunteer consultant investigators to thousand worldwide. Originally their consultant base consisted of research specialists with scientific credentials, and recently has expanded to about a thousand trained field investigators throughout the U.S., with another 800-plus undergoing a the training process. Not bad for an all-volunteer cadre. However, because of the vast gambit of reports worldwide, most are much less qualified. And their organization has been plagued with internal issues that may be tearing it apart at the seams. Regardless, the issues of wrestling and sorting through the myriad of UFO sighting reports can, and has, been quite daunting. As many of the “scientifically sounding” responses given to the assigned cases in this field have been riddled with nothing more than subjective (personal) opinions by individuals that have actually done little or no field work in UFOlogy. Often providing responses to questions that are nothing more than conjecture, in such a manner that makes them feel as if they actually know what they’re talking about. When in reality, all they are doing is adding fodder for the nay sayers by debunking the sighting report based on their own belief. Because of this, science is not well served.
There is a twofold UFO mystery of potential importance unfolding. The first being the number of detailed descriptions from veteran airline and military pilots of mysterious objects seen at close range during their flights, and in broad daylight! Most of which have been said to have been solid, metallic-looking objects, with complex to simple geometric shapes completely unlike anything known in the aerospace industry, be it a craft or inexplicable performance (extreme speeds within our atmosphere, quick and violent maneuvers at spectacular acceleration) that defy the norm known in modern aviation. With the second, and most puzzling aspect of the sighting being the “excessive zeal” in which the U.S. Air Force claimed to have solved the UFO mystery. How do they do it? Simple, they manipulate statistics, patronize intelligent and credible witnesses who are often ridiculed as  being naive, fabricate explanations, and twist scientific fact and theories to fit their conclusion. Even information that has been released to Congress was known to have been riddled false and misleading information provided to the public, with some or all of a of witnesses testimony discredited or ignored when it clashed with the government prepared explanation! It’s amazing, when one analyzes all the government statements released regarding UFO incidents sound as if they were written by the same writer. After all, how many ways can you explain a UFO was nothing more than a weather balloon? All of these claims can be supported by quotes from the Air Force’s official documents, letters, reports, and press release statements to the general public. When in fact, the UFO sighting was an interest to ‘national security’ and yet chalked up to a more ‘down-to-Earth’ explanation, while the government continues to investigate it, covertly. Yes many people will agree that a great majority of UFO sighting reports are easily explained as misidentified conventional phenomena (IFOS). It’s what remains, 5 to 10 percent, that constitute the continuing mystery and controversy in the field of UFOlogy. Yes many people will agree that a great majority of UFO sighting reports are easily explained as misidentified conventional phenomena (IFOS). It’s what remains, 5 to 10 percent, that constitute the continuing mystery and controversy in the field of UFOlogy. Are we any closer to resolving the UFO question? Probably no where close, but UFO researchers around the world and various UFO organizations have compiled what would be considered a vast treasure trove of information, including photos, videos, eyewitness statements, government documents, and physical traces from alleged landing sites, radar reports, and a whole lot more. With many of the reports considered to be quite compelling and given by credible people saying incredible things, that have yet to be reliably debunked by cadre of die-hard debunker’s.” Yet after nearly 60 years of research by well-meaning but under-funded individuals and organizations, there is one undeniable point on which all of these researchers can agree. And that would be that there is an elusive, unknown intelligence operating within our midst. If we assume for just one moment that these UFOs could in fact represent an ‘alien’ civilization, we must ask ourselves three fundamental, but important questions— Who are they? Where do they come from? and Why are they here? Maybe it won’t be until the current generation of scientists die off and a new generation of scientists have taken their place (and hopefully with a few young mavericks that think outside the old box) will provide some radical new ideas to challenge the existing outdated dogmas that has begun to plague UFO research and investigation. With the advent of cable networks, the Internet, international news sources, satellite radio, and other less-centralized information outlets, the power of mainstream media organizations seems to be diminishing at an alarming rate. Making it evident today by the dramatic drop in the sales of the traditional newspaper, which has greatly diminished around the world, that more and more people are turning to the World Wide Web for their daily dose of news. Offering an alternative form information without all the current conservative objectives that has plagued the current stodgy corporate behemoths. Political change however, is the last and most unlikely change that will occur, but it could prove to be the most significant. If the scientific establishment would get more serious about UFOs, it could cause the mainstream media to be more even-handed on its telling of the story, making it conceivable that the political figures in our government would become more forthcoming, and realize that their consultants (we the people) are not as naive as they once thought, and definitely a lot more intelligent than they have ever given us credit for in the past. Have we been visited by extraterrestrials, inter-dimensional travelers, time travelers from our past or future? Or is all a manifestations of a collective consciousness? Are there benevolent guardians, evil reptilians, harvesters of souls and/or genetic materials, angels from heaven, demons from hell, or maybe androids dispatched by incomprehensible super-beings? Who can say for sure? At least not yet... Or are UFOs driven by teenage pranksters on a joyride through the cosmos, anthropologists from a parallel universe, modern manifestations of pixies and leprechauns, or pragmatic politicians? The content of this website is the copyright of World Nexus Publications © 2008-2011